Lev Manovich and Simon Morley Response – Erika

I think that the Lev Manovich reading had many good contrasts between traditional artwork and tech based artwork, and the way he talked about information visualization, 3D, 4D, etc., created a good connection between non tech based art and more technology based works, and it made their commonalities more visible than by just looking at the pieces might have. They share that desire to take what is not within human senses and put them in that “navigable scale” that Manovich illustrates in his many descriptions. This pairs well with the topics that Morley talks about, vast subjects, or the “sublime”, that we cannot navigate easily. The limits that we have to deal with when we represent them, and even figuring out what we consider to be the true definition of sublime, perhaps that it is something that we only encompass without thought. However data visualization seems as though it could encompass these concepts in a new fashion, like the data of the sublime amount of stars in the galaxy, etc. All in all the contrast was interesting for thinking about encompassing the ideas that social media and purveying technology opens to the public as we continue to develop technology, and therefore even more modes of visual/critical thinking.